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  1. Facing the challenges of a fast changing environment: Strategies and opportunities for fisheries and aquaculture.
  2. Understanding and managing a changing environment: Strategies and alternatives for the seafood industry.

The global scenario has been subjected to continuous and unpredictable changes in the last decades and the playground for the seafood industries was not and exception. Topics such as environmental and climate change, regulations on stock capacity, social and consumers’ concerns about sustainability or globalization of markets are still being assessed in the seafood industry worldwide and new challenges are expected to come. Understanding the implications of recent and potential future changes require a combination of efforts in a multidisciplinary context to be able to develop strategies suitable to deal with the potential threats and opportunities.

The program of the conference will cover general and specific topics of interest in fisheries economics with main and special sessions, plenary speakers and ad-hoc workshops. The conference aims to provide a space for discussion, presentation of newest findings and proposals for a better understanding and management of the seafood industry in the years to come.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Ragnar Arnason, University of Iceland
  • Gunnar Knapp, University of Alaska
  • Rashid U. Sumaila, University of British Columbia
  • Jon G. Sutinen, University of Rhode Island
  • Marty Smith, Duke University
  • Juan Carlos Seijo, Universidad Marista de Mérida
Universida de Vigo  Universidade da Coruña
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