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DG MARE – FAO Industry and Policy Day on the Valuation and Management of Marine Ecosystem Services and Artisanal Fishing.

Fisheries do not thrive in isolation by in constant interaction with other activities in their environment. As more maritime sectors and activities are analysed and evaluated, the policy day will focus on aspects, such as ecosystems services, which are crucial for human wellbeing but whose assessment needs still further understanding given its complexity and data gaps. Measuring the ecosystem services in their diversity is also fundamental for understanding trade-offs between different types of activities.

In addition, special attention will be paid to artisanal fishing and aquaculture since 2022 was declared the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries by the UN.

This policy day brings together researchers, representatives from the industry and policy makers involved in the valuation and management of marine ecosystems services and artisanal fishing.

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